Mathew "Matt" Metelli is one of the main three commentators on SGBLikesToPlay and is also a good friend of Juan Ortiz.


Matthew originally debuted in the Super Mario Bros. Wii Let's Play but only became a recurring commentator during the Mortal Kombat 9 Let's Play. Since then, he has appeared in nearly all of the SGBLikesToPlay LP's and has even began playing some of the games himself (such as Resident Evil for PlayStation)

Matthew first appeared on BrainScratchComms during the Legend Of Zelda Playthrough.

Matthew has appeared in all of the "Smackdown Sunday" episodes, and is often quite skilled at the games they play in the segment.


  • Matthew was shown during the Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask review. Juan Ortiz mentioned that he was one of the reasons he wanted to try the game out again.
  • Matthew often introduces himself during the Let's Plays with strange names such as "I'm pretty fly for a white guy."
  • Matthew is known to despise Final Fantasy XIII
  • Matthew despises Mountain Dew but indulges in Amp energy drinks.
  • Matthew was born April 7th, 1987 (Currently 29 years old)