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The current profile picture for the SomecallmeJohnny channel.

SomecallmeJohnny is the primary channel of Juan Ortiz and (formerly) Elliot Cancel. As of 20th June 2013, SomecallmeJohnny has 131 Videos.


SomecallmeJohnny was founded on March 4th 2008 but it's first video was uploaded on April 8th. It is where all of Juan Ortiz's reviews can be found, as well as some other random videos.

Somecall meElliot CancelEdit

Somecall meElliot is Elliot Cancel's personal YouTube channel which he created on December 24th 2008, when it was known as Somecallmeelliot. As of 20th June 2013, SomecallmeElliot has 5 Videos, 1468 Subscribers and 27,646 Video Views. In 2013 his Channel was simply renamed Elliot Cancel, however as of 2014 the channel has been renamed to Somecall meElliot. Currently, the Channel is known as Creepy Elliot and Elliot makes Creepypasta readings on it.

List of VideosEdit

  • Elliot Reviews - Friday the 13th (2009)
  • Rob Zombie, How Could You?!
  • Q&A Announcement!
  • So many things to search!
  • Elliot's Personal Pick: God Of War III - Rage Of Sparta


  • Elliot, up until recently, did not uploaded a video since April 30th, 2010. However, he still used the channel frequently.
  • Unlike SomecallmeJohnny, SomecallmeElliot is actually spelt 'Somecallmeelliot' without a capital on Elliot's name.

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