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Juan Ortiz's Facebook Profile Picture.

Juan Alberto Ortiz is a Video Gamer, YouTube Partner & main member of the Super Gaming Bros.


Juan created his first channel on March 4th 2008, which he named SomecallmeJohnny. However, he released his first video later on April 8th 2008. The video was called A Ranting Good Time - Kingdom Hearts.

After doing the video Ask Those Two Dudes with the Short Hair, he uploaded his first SGB review, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (Unlike most of his other SGB Reviews however, Elliot is not present in the review).

Following a review of Dead Rising from Elliot, SomecallmeJohnny featured several random videos, including a movie review from Elliot, a second (and final) Ranting Good Time and a video experiment from Juan where he used effects to 'clone' himself. Eventually, Juan went back to do reviews starting with Sonic Unleashed. From this point Juan would focus on doing reviews for SomecallmeJohnny and only throw in random videos every now and again.

On June 29th 2009 Juan and Elliot created SGBLikesToPlay, a let's play channel which began with a playthrough of Super Mario Bros (NES).

On April 12th 2011 Elliot left the Super Gaming Bros on SomecallmeJohnny and as such, Juan renamed his new reviews with the title 'Johnny vs (Game Name Here)' Elliot is still featured on SGBLikesToPlay and makes cameo appearances on SomecallmeJohnny.

A few times each year, Johnny will do a "Month Of (Series Name Here)". During these Marathons, Johnny will review a number of games in a series (usually 5 or 6). He has completed three months of Sonic, two for Mario, one of Castlevania, one of Pokemon, one of Mega Man (Classic), one of Metroid, one of Zelda , two for Independent Games, one for Donated Games, one for Metal Gear,and one for Mother/Earthbound. He is currently working on a Marathon of the Star Fox series.



  • One of Johnny's favorite Pokemon is Raichu.
  • Johnny does not like anti-gravity design in levels. He is also a strong despiser of knockback in games.
  • Johnny has appeared a few times on SonicsChannel.
  • Mario is one of Johnny's favourite characters in Super Smash Bros.
  • Out of the 4 main members of BrainScratch Commentaries, Johnny has the most subscribers on YouTube.
  • Super Mario Bros is the first video game that Johnny played and beaten.
  • In every Review that Johnny has done, the wallpaper on his computer is changed to the current game he is doing a review on.
  • Johnny is not a fan of Mexican or Asian cuisine.
  • Johnny's two favorite games of all time are Super Metroid and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles.