Elliot Cancel is Juan Ortiz's Brother and part of the Super Gaming Bros.


Elliot first appeared in the Dead Rising Review on SomecallmeJohnny. After this,he often appeared alongside Juan in his reviews, and helped do the voice over work. On June 29th, 2009 Elliot and Juan created SGBLikesToPlay, a let's play channel which began with a playthrough of Super Mario Bros (NES). However, on April 12th 2011, Elliot left SomecallmeJohnny. He still makes cameo appearances every once in a while, and is still present on SGBLikesToPlay. Elliot created a channel of his own, now known as Creepy Elliot, a channel dedicated to reading creepypastas.


Juan Ortiz (Step-Brother)

Mark Ortiz (Step-Brother)

Gregory (Step-Uncle)