the followers is a list of all members in SGB's version of the Andonuts family in chronological order. This also includes the alternate timeline versions of the family, who is...slightly less heroic.

List of MembersEdit

SGB's VersionEdit

Dumas's MotherEdit

Dumas's late mother.

Dumas AndonutsEdit

the earliest recorded member of the family. Famed for traveling through time and being a chick magnet.

I Say's UncleEdit

I Say's Uncle. Seemingly died at the start of the adventure but was revealed to be alive after it ended.

I Say AndonutsEdit

Dumas's descendant who, due to being named I Say, lived a very confusing life as he sometimes was unable to tell if people were talking about him or if they had a Foghorn Leghorn accent.

Bort AndonutsEdit

I Say's great great grandson. Famed for saving Hyrule and going on a frustrating quest to awaken Zelda I

Dr. AndonutsEdit

father of Dumas II.

Dumas Andonuts IIEdit

the most recent member. Dumas II is a mechanical genius and was named after his ancestor. He joined a hero named Iwata to destroy the evil Giygas.

BSC's VersionEdit

Mr. Dumbf**kEdit

Dumb**k's late father.

Dumbf**k's MotherEdit

Dumbf**k's late mother and the alternate version of Dumas's mother.


The alternate version of Dumas. Dumbf**k is mostly the same as Dumas, but is remarkably unintelligent. He is also somewhat of a smartass, as he retorts excuse me princess. He is even more of a chick magnet then Dumas, to the point where it's omnipotent, as all the sages are in love with him (even the males, much to his dismay)

Bo RtEdit

Dumbf**k's descendant and Bort's counterpart. Unlike Bort and his ancestor, he hates being the hero and his life due to his constant bad luck and near death experiences.

mah boi's GrandmaEdit

the grandmother of mah boi and Aryll. She may or may not have duped link into dressing like Dumbf**k on his birthday.

mah boiEdit

Dumbf**k's somewhat apathetic decendent. He set off on a quest to save her sister after she was kidnapped on his birthday.


mah boi's younger sister who is kidnapped on her brother's birthday.