A Ranting Good Time - Kingdom Hearts is a video made by Juan Ortiz on SomecallmeJohnny. The video was created on April 8th, 2008.


During the video, Juan talks about how stupid it is to have the games in the Kingdom Hearts series on multiple platforms, saying that Chain of Memories should have been released on the PS2 instead of the Game Boy Advance. He also states that it would (at the time of the video's release) cost $350 to play Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Coded on their respective consoles.


A Ranting Good Time - Kingdom Hearts

A Ranting Good Time - Kingdom Hearts



  • This is the first video Juan Ortiz ever made.
  • It is also the first video published on SomecallmeJohnny.
  • This is one of the few videos on SomecallmeJohnny where the viewer does not see Juan Ortiz at all